Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade 2011

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We are so excited for this year’s annual Newport Beach Boat Parade that we’ve added some great menu items to give you and your loved ones something special to enjoy while you’re out watching the lights!

2011 newport beach christmas boat paradeMany families in the Costa Mesa, OC, and Newport Beach area have a great time each year celebrating Christmas while watching the lights and enjoying some amazing home made food. This year, we’ve done all the work for you so that you and your family can enjoy an amazing spread with none of the hassle or cleanup!

Stop in this week to see just what we have in store for you, and find out about our holiday specials! If you aren’t friends with us on Facebook, connect today for our latest coupons!

See you at the 2011 Newport Christmas Boat Parade!

Save $10!

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From November 1, 2011 until November 18, 2011, save $10 on any purchase over $50* at Celestino’s!

What a great way to enjoy some of our famous holiday favorites and seasonal dishes while saving money at the same time! With the holidays just around the corner, this is a wonderful opportunity for you to stock up on meat at the lowest prices of the year.

Click the coupon and print it out! Bring it in with you on your next visit before November 18, 2011 to receive the discount.

*Offer does not apply to other coupon purchases, sale items, or Diestel Turkeys

All Natural Deli In Costa Mesa

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All Natural Deli In Costa Mesa

Where Is The Best Place For A Healthy Lunch In Costa Mesa?

If you’re looking for a tasty and affordable way to eat healthy every day at lunch, look no further than Celestino’s Quality Meats. A time honored installation in the Costa Mesa area, Celestino’s is known for providing the best selection of quality all natural, gluten free, and hormone free meat selections in the city. Now, you can enjoy an amazing lunch from Celestino’s offering you the best in healthy lunch meats, sandwiches, pasta, soup, salad, and more!

Celestino’s Quality Meats lets you call in your order ahead, or stop by for quick, friendly service. We have an amazing variety of lunch selections to add flavor and health to your day!

If you haven’t tried Celestino’s for lunch, or for your all natural meats, now is a great time to see what all the buzz is about!

Celestino’s Deli Menu

Celestino’s Meat Selections

Celestino’s Location

Celestino’s Fresh Deli Sandwiches

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Celestino’s Fresh Deli Sandwiches

You already know Celestino’s for our quality sausages and premium all-natural and organic meats, but did you know we also have our very own deli counter?  We serve hot and cold sandwiches and salads that are just as delicious as you’d expect something with the Celestino’s name to be.

Our deli sandwiches make the perfect weekday lunch.  Stop in during your lunch break for a freshly made meal that’s easy to take with you on the go.  Don’t settle for another generic fast food lunch when you can have a deli sandwich with lots of premium Celestino’s meats and cheeses.  In addition to your favorite deli sliced meats, we have hot turkey, corned beef, pastrami, and meatloaf sandwiches.  If you enjoy cold sandwiches, be sure to try a chicken salad, egg salad, or Cajun turkey salad sandwich.  Yum!

In addition to hot and cold sandwiches, we have crisp, delicious salads.  A traditional Caesar salad is just the beginning; be sure to try the lemon chicken and shrimp Louie salads, too.  These salads make a great addition to your lunch time sandwich or a light, satisfying meal all on their own.  We also have hand-chopped potato and pasta salads.  These you can enjoy in the deli, or take them home in convenient quarts and pints.  This way, you can enjoy the taste and quality of homemade sides and salads without all the extra work.  You can leave that to us!

Don’t miss out on our hot sandwiches with fixings straight off the grill.  How about a Philly cheese steak?  Maybe a sausage and pepper sandwich would hit the spot.  Or you might be tempted by a N.Y. steak, grilled ahi, or hot lemon chicken sandwich.  With all these grill selections, you’ll be finding something new to enjoy every time you come in.  And with our extensive selection of fresh bread, you can try so many combinations you might never have the sandwich twice!  Even if you decide to try something new each time you visit, you can be assured that you’ll always get to experience the same exceptional quality, service, and taste.

So when you think of Celestino’s don’t forget the amazing food you can have right on the spot as well as to nibble on to-go.  Our sandwiches, soups, salads, and sides are perfect for a leisurely afternoon snack, a weekend lunch or a picnic in the park with friends.  Wherever you decide to enjoy your Celestino’s meal, we know you’ll be soon coming back for seconds.


The Best All Natural Meat In Costa Mesa OC

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The Best All Natural Meat In Costa Mesa OC

Your Costa Mesa Source For Natural Meat!

If you’re planning a trip to beautiful Costa Mesa or OC, you’ll want to be sure to visit Celetino’s, a traditional, family-owned butcher shop and specialty food store.  We’re the local secret that wants to be shared with the world.

Celestino’s continues the heritage tradition of sausage making and food preparation in order to share the freshest, most authentic flavors with you and your family.  We proudly make available all-natural and organic meats, as well as hard to find gluten free jerky. This specialty product is made by us in-house using a secret process unduplicated by anyone else.  We’re pleased to include a gluten-free product in the Celestino’s food line.

We believe that all-natural and organic foods are important because they are some of the best tasting food available.  Every step from the farm to the store shelf is carefully monitored to ensure that organic food meets a rigorous standard of quality.  All-natural meats are going to be free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives that might otherwise have been added.  This means you’re getting all the food you want, with none of the additives you don’t.    By making a selection from our all-natural and organic food varieties, you’ll be bringing home some of the best meat available today.  You and your family deserve the very best food; we’re happy to make it available to you all year round.

We’re the kind of butcher shop you remember from your childhood – clean, bright, and staffed by helpful and knowledgeable professionals.  We really know our business, and it’s a pleasure to share our expertise with you.  Behind our counter you’ll find all your favorites – chicken, pork, beef, and turkey.  There is a wide variety of steaks, ribs, chops, and roasts for you to choose from.  Celestino’s also stocks a selection of lamb, veal, and game fowl; we’re your first stop for specialty meats like venison and buffalo, too!

When you come to visit us, don’t forget to take a look at our extensive selection of ready-made food.  If you’re looking for something special to add to your cook out, consider trying our kabobs or stuffed pork chops.  We also have lots of deli meats and cheeses that are ready to be piled onto a sandwich.  Or, we’ll make a sandwich for you at our very own deli counter!  We have a menu full of delicious hot and cold sandwiches and salads that you can enjoy here or to-go.

When you visit Celestino’s, you’ll know why we’ve been a Costa Mesa favorite for years.  Whether you’re a local or just passing through, be sure to visit us and experience some of the best food in OC.

Celestino’s Meats In Costa Mesa, OC

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Celestino’s Meats In Costa Mesa, OC

Celestino’s brings a heritage tradition of fine meats and fresh-made food into the heart of Costa Mesa.  Locally owned and operated, we’ve been an OC tradition for many years.  It’s our pleasure to bring some of the finest premium meats to Costa Mesa families.

Our specialty is quality meats, including premium all-natural, organic, and gluten-free varieties.  This means that you can be sure you’re getting food that tastes its very best, without the help of unnecessary added ingredients.  If you’ve had trouble finding the specialty meat you want, look no further than our fully-stocked butcher shop and deli counter.  We can help answer all your questions about what makes all-natural, organic and gluten-free foods special; we’ll guide to the right food for your healthy lifestyle.

We believe that great food comes from a great source, so we pay close attention to the origin of the products we sell.  All-natural foods taste wonderful and because they’re free from artificial ingredients, you know they’re better for you, too.  From the farm, to our kitchen, to your home – we care about each step along the way and hold ourselves to a high standard of quality and service.

In our shop, you’ll find all the traditional favorites.  Steaks, ribs, chops, and roasts are all ready for you to take home.  In addition to quality beef, pork, and poultry, we carry the meats that others may not.  We have veal, lamb, buffalo, and game fowl available all year round, not just during the holidays.  We’re happy to help you prepare your favorite dishes any time you want.

Celestino’s has a legendary sausage selection.  Each variety is made using time-honored techniques and ingredients in order to highlight the most authentic flavors.  We’re also famous for our premium jerky.  We make our jerky in-house, including our famous gluten-free beef jerky.

More than just quality all-natural meats, we open our kitchen to share ready-made food with you.  Lasagna is ready for the oven, kebabs (kabobs) are ready for the grill, and stuffed roasts are ready to be the centerpiece of any meal.  We can accommodate catered orders as well; just let us know what you need.

If you’re in a hurry to experience Celestino’s, stop by our deli counter.  Our fresh-made sandwiches make the perfect afternoon lunch or weekday snack; you can enjoy them in our comfortable dining area or take them with you to-go.

Whether you’re preparing for a cozy weekend at home or getting ready for a cross-country adventure, Celestino’s is the place to shop for the food that’s going to be a part of it.  We’re happy to be part of what makes Costa Mesa and OC a great, exciting place to live.  Let us share with you what we do best!


Why The OC Loves All Natural Meat

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Why The OC Loves All Natural Meat

All Natural Meat In Costa Mesa – Popular For A Reason!

OC is right next to some of the best farmland in the world, which means that fresh, delicious food is close at hand. Generations of families have raised food here and the stores that bring that food to us are our friends and neighbors.  Eating local isn’t just a buzzword here.  It really is a way of life and is a part of what makes OC and Costa Mesa so special.

When natural foods are talked about, most people think about fruits and vegetables.  All-natural meats, cheeses, herbs, and much more is also available.  In fact, just about any food you can think of is either already natural or has an all-natural version available.  When a label says that a food is all-natural, it means that there has been no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives added to it.  You get only the food, just the way nature intended.

You can get the most out of your natural foods by talking to the people who know it best.  Local butchers, including those at Celestino’s, are on hand to answer all your questions about natural meat and how to make an already great food even better.  You can learn the difference between different cuts of meat and find out about the exciting, non-traditional meats; buffalo, venison, and other kinds of meat can be easily found right in your own neighborhood.

All Natural Meat In Costa Mesa – Everything You Need To Know

With so much variety, you can find the kind of meat that’s just right for you.  Natural, hormone-free, grass fed, and organic are only some of the options you can choose when you’re out shopping.  A wide range of sausages, cured meats, bacon, jerky, and cuts for steak make it easy to prepare exactly the meal you want to serve.

Consider taking on the challenge to eat local.  Look into the foods grown in OC and in California and then plan a menu for yourself.  Talk to local restaurateurs and grocers; they’ll be able to tell you where to find all the natural meat, produce, eggs, milk, and spices you’ll need to make spectacular meals.  Or team up with friends and create a natural foods supper club.  Each member will cook a meal made with only natural foods and then share it with everyone else.  This is an ideal way to try many different foods without spending a lot of money.

Before long you’ll be hooked on eating naturally.  The taste of real food is unrivaled by anything artificial; you can be sure that what you’re eating tastes real because it is real.  Eating natural in OC isn’t just easy – it comes naturally!