The OC Diet – Healthier Than Most?

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The OC Diet – Healthier Than Most?

When it comes to the cuisine in the OC and throughout Costa Mesa, you may be surprised to find out that many people believe our menu’s and favorite’s are some of the healthiest! Many reporters and foodies have visited the OC area only to find out that it’s much easier to find stores and restaurants that serve a variety of healthy choices without skimping on flavor and upscale presentation! People are starting to call this the OC diet because it features fresh foods with a lean towards the organic and all natural.

This is a great piece of news for Costa Mesa and OC residents because it means that we don’t have to look far to get a better quality of food than many people have access to. Because California offers a year round growing season and a great climate for people to focus on raising extra healthy meat products, we really are fortunate!

All natural meat is one of the local Costa Mesa OC diet favorites since it allows us to enjoy the classic ‘left coast’ menu without adding hormones and other artificial ingredients to our menu.

No matter what you love to have on your plate, try switching it up to take advantage of the many healthy food options we have here in Costa Mesa. The best? Meat! Check out Celestino’s meats where you can find one of the largest¬†selections¬†of top quality all natural meats ready for you to create your favorite meals! You can also find home made sausages, gluten free jerky, ready made lasagna, and more!

Celestino’s Quality Meats
270 E. 17th St. Costa Mesa, CA

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