All Natural Jerky

There’s no better healthy snack to have on hand in the Costa mesa area than all natural jerky! Jerky combines the nutrition of fresh meats with the flavor of all natural spices and a made by hand process. Here at Celestino’s, we create all of our amazing jerky offerings right here in the store so that tyou always get the very best flavor, texture, and value.

There are countless reasons why all natural jerky is so popular in California and across the world. Each of us has a variety of options to choose from when we want to have a snack in the car, at our desk, or on an outdoor adventure. Many people choose sugary treats or processed foods because they do provide some energy up front, but is the crash really worth it? All natural jerky is made from natural meat and it provides protein, carbohydrates, and natural sugars to give your body a boost of energy to get you through any project or adventure.

Right now, you can even get all natural gluten free jerky from Celestino’s meaning that you can have all the texture, flavor, and nutrition with none of the gluten!

If you’ve never considered using jerky as your go to snack, or if you didn’t think you could get high quality home made jerky here in Costa Mesa, stop by Celestino’s Quality Meats today and mention this website to get a free sample – we can’t wait to show you why our all natural jerky is an OC favorite!

Not in Costa Mesa? Give us a call and we’ll shop our famous gluten free or all natural jerky right to your doorstep!

Celestino’s Quality Meats

270 E. 17th St. Costa Mesa, CA

Open 7 Days A Week From 9am-7pm

(949) 642-7191


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