All Natural Deli In Costa Mesa

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All Natural Deli In Costa Mesa

Where Is The Best Place For A Healthy Lunch In Costa Mesa?

If you’re looking for a tasty and affordable way to eat healthy every day at lunch, look no further than Celestino’s Quality Meats. A time honored installation in the Costa Mesa area, Celestino’s is known for providing the best selection of quality all natural, gluten free, and hormone free meat selections in the city. Now, you can enjoy an amazing lunch from Celestino’s offering you the best in healthy lunch meats, sandwiches, pasta, soup, salad, and more!

Celestino’s Quality Meats lets you call in your order ahead, or stop by for quick, friendly service. We have an amazing variety of lunch selections to add flavor and health to your day!

If you haven’t tried Celestino’s for lunch, or for your all natural meats, now is a great time to see what all the buzz is about!

Celestino’s Deli Menu

Celestino’s Meat Selections

Celestino’s Location

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